Buttermilk the baby goat is a total dick

Baby goats, or "kids," can typically stand and walk within fifteen minutes of birth. And if Buttermilk Sky*, the rambunctious little Nigerian dwarf kid featured up top, is any indication, they are fully capable of being complete and total assholes by around five weeks of age. Absurdly adorable assholes, but assholes, nonetheless.


* Think "Buttermilk Sky" is an endearing (if somewhat saccharine) name? I was exploring the website of Took a Leap Farm — where Buttermilk makes her home — when I came across a goat named "Sugar Moon Eclaire". Yes, really.

[Via sophistikathryn]

Hat tip to Antonio!

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While the video is quite funny, I'm left wondering why this is on io9?

Is it a bionic goat?


Let me be the first to welcome our new bionic goat masters.