Butterfly Effect 3 Trailer Turns Your Brains Into Time Traveling Goo

The bully from The O.C. has seizures that send his mind back into the past - where he saves the world from evil but still makes Butterfly Effect 3.

Butterfly Effect Revelations sends Sam back into the past to help the cops solve difficult crimes. But when he tries protect a beloved young miss from a murderer he accidentally unleashes a serial killer in-the-making. Confusing, you bet. But not as confusing as the fact that someone else decided to take on the role of "not Ashton" in a limping franchise.


BER is a part of the After Dark Horrorfest's 8 Films To Die For, so we'll keep you posted on the 8 films. Odds are at least one of them won't make me want to seize myself back into time and stop Ashton Kutcher once and for all.


The first one has a great story, second one blew chucky beef stew. This one adds the serial killer twist, could be something entertaining to watch on a lazy sunday.

If not, the suicide girl from Californication is in it, so theres at least that redeemable quality.