Community Is Getting That Sixth Season After All

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So it looks like the six seasons portion of "Six Seasons and a Movie" is coming to fruition. Community has found a home on online television, just not on Hulu.


Variety is reporting that Yahoo! has picked up Community's sixth season, with show creator Dan Harmon onboard. TV-length original content is a relatively new venture for Yahoo!; they recently commissioned an alternate universe comedy from Paul Feig and a series about a basketball expansion team from Mike Tollin and Bryan Gordon. Just don't Britta this up, Yahoo! We've already had one gas leak year, and I don't think Greendale can take another.

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Mortal Dictata

But it's Yahoo! though. It'll probably have some stupid pay-per-view gate attached to it and will require some form of advertising and unlike the Subway ads in Chuck probably won't be worked into it as well. Also don't see Yahoo! funding a movie either afterwards (this smells like buying anything available to fill their new initiative rather than a long-term investment).

Also lets be frank here, season 5 wasn't as good as Seasons 1-3 (thankfully not as shite as Season 4) and this season 6 probably won't live up to its legacy so it may have been better to leave it dead now.

That goes for every franchise out there (even as much as I love Firefly it would never live up to expectations).