But how does it taste? Watch NASA's 3D pizza printer in action

Last year, NASA announced that it would be funding 3D food printing, kicking things off with a 3D pizza printer. Now we can watch the project in progress as the 3D printer builds a possibly tasty pie.


NASA awarded Anjan Contractor's company, Systems & Materials Research Corporation, a $125,000 grant to develop a prototype pizza printer, getting us one step closer to Star Trek's food replicators. Of course, instead of the food forming in a shimmer of light, it forms in printed phases:

Here's what the finished product looks like after baking for 70 seconds:

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Contractor insists that the pizza tastes good, but I think we'll need a panel of pizza-eaters to taste test this particular innovation. I volunteer.

[via Fast Company]

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Wielder of Smashy-Stick

The pizza is stuck in the spooler. Retry?