Pick up Burn Notice in its entirety for just 50 bucks today. [Burn Notice]

Cherry MX Blues and Greens are currently locked in a battle to become my favorite mechanical switch, but you can get yourself a Cherry MX Blue Keyboard for just $60 today. [Rosewill RK-9000]

You might not be familiar with the Rosewill RK-9000, but it actually uses the exact same Cherry MX Blue key switches as the world-famous Das keyboard, widely-regarded as the best typists' keyboard still in production today. The biggest difference between the two keyboards is price; at $60, you could buy two of these Rosewills for less than a Das.

Most mechanical keyboards in this price range are targeted towards gamers, using less-clicky switches that are great for fast twitch gaming, but not as good for general typing. If you want to learn more, Lifehacker has a great rundown of all the different switches, or you could sample them yourself with this reference tool/desk toy . [Newegg]

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Prepare your wallet and your backlog, here are a whole bunch of PC pre-order deals. Get a $5 Amazon credit with the following games.

The Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Collector's Edition is available for preorder.

Nintendo's newly-announced 3DS XL systems are looking sharp (even if they aren't the new version , for whatever reason), and you can preorder yours starting today. We aren't sure how many of these there will be, so if you want one, your safest bet is to order now.

preorder Nintendo 3DS XL GameStop Exclusive NES Edition ($200) | Gamestop

preorder Nintendo 3DS XL GameStop Exclusive Persona Q Edition ($200) | Gamestop

preorder Nintendo 3DS XL Super Smash Bros. Edition - Red ($200) | Best Buy

preorder Nintendo 3DS XL Super Smash Bros. Edition - Blue ($200) | Best Buy

We've seen a handful of deals on plasma TVs recently, presumably to dump stock as most manufacturers cease to manufacture them. Their loss is your gain though, and you can get a 60" Samsung for $730 today. [Samsung 60" Plasma TV, $730]

It looks silly, but I love this little thing. [ Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 Multi-purpose Credit Card Size Pocket Tool, $10]

I'm not going to try to convince you that Domino's makes amazing pizza, but $5 for a $10 gift card is solid for a night where you just don't feel like cooking. [$10 Domino's Gift Card, $5]

I have no scientific proof of this, but I estimate that I've saved approximately two years of my life with this system vs. hunting down matching tupperware lids. [ Rubbermaid 34-Pc Easy Find Lids Set, $21]

There's no telling how long this will last (my money is on "not long"), but you can get a KitchenAid Pro 450 stand mixer right now for $175, brand new and direct from KitchenAid's own eBay storefront. [ KitchenAid Pro 450 Series 4.5 Quart Stand Mixer, $175]

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