Burger Fiction Shows Off (Most) OF The Ways To Curse On Film Without Cursing

Directors and writers who want to let their characters unload on someone can’t resort to profanity like the rest of us: Burger Fiction has put together an entertaining video with some great insults that work better than swearing.


There’s a couple of notable omissions, though. No Battlestar Galactica? No Farscape? I know that this list is all movives, but c’mon.

[Mental Floss]

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One thing that always drove me nuts was Battlestar Galactica using the word frak instead of fuck. What annoyed me wasn’t the word frak but that it seemed to be their ONLY curse word. At a certain point they would use frak so often that it was like the Smurfs. Everyting was smurfy, something got smurfed. Couldn’t Battlestar Galactica come up with alternatives for a few additional curse words? Drove me nuts....