Bumblebee Goes Back to the Past in the First Trailer for Transformers: Cyberverse

I know the Decepticons were meant to have been “okay” before the whole Cybertronian civil war happened, but their logo has never not been sinister. Plus, they’re called the decepticons.
Image: Cartoon Network
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When we got a first look at the G1-inspired toys for Transformers: Cyberverse, we knew the accompanying animated series would also be a throwback to the beloved original cartoon. Now we’ve got a trailer that shows just how much of a throwback it is—all the way back to the franchises’ ‘80s origins.

Debuted by Entertainment Weekly this morning, the trailer gives us a few hints of the overarching frame of Cyberverse, which sees Bumblee’s memory chips damaged, requiring him to flash back to his life on Cybertron—when the Autobots and Decepticons were flourishing allies rather than robo-bloodthirsty foes—and even to the Autobots’ initial escape to Earth, all in order to understand the reason why he’s there...and where his allies are. But it is mostly focused on showing those past memories, a fresh spin on the adventures that kickstarted the Transformers cartoon all those years ago anyway.


It’s got a great, pastel-toned and cel-shaded look to it, and the new takes on the classic G1 transformers designs all look pretty slick in action. But goddammit, what is it with Transformers reboots in a post-Michael Bay world that still insists that giving Optimus Prime lips is a good idea!? It looks so...wrong. Consigning the classic facemask to something Prime only activates when he’s heading into combat just means you can’t help but gaze at his robo-lips whenever he’s on screen.

Image: Cartoon Network

His weirdly full, metallic lips. This is far more disconcerting than any other aspect of Transformers: Cyberverse’s otherwise cool take on the old designs. You can see more of Optimus Prime’s lips in action, as well as the rest of the Autobots and Decepticons I guess, when Cyberverse launches on Cartoon Network on September 1.


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