Bulletproof polo shirt is perfect for the casual spy

Bulletproof vests are handy life-saving devices, but they tend to clash with khakis and leather sandals. For the spy who wants bullet-stopping technology with a more casual look, one clothing manufacturer offers the bulletproof polo shirt.

Columbian designer Miguel Caballero has been manufacturing anti-ballistic polo shirts for the likes of actor Steven Seagal, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, and King Abdullah of Jordan. But that combination of fashion and security doesn't come cheap; prices range from $4000-6000, depending on whether you're looking to stop an Uzi Uzi machine gun or a mere 9mm. It's not clear whether popping the collar adds extra protection.


Although the shirts seem mainly aimed at celebrities and heads of state, methinks Chuck's Nerd Herd could stand to invest in these. Do they come in Buy More green?

Miguel Caballero Bulletproof Men's Polo Shirt [Fresh Polos via reddit]

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