Want to see a misguided attempt to build some online buzz for Watchmen, Zack Snyder's upcoming adaptation of the comic of the same name? Then perhaps you'd like to marvel over the construction of some sets and listen to set designers talk about how awesome they are. That's pretty much what to expect from the first "Behind the Scenes" video blog from the makers of the movie, released this weekend.

Talking about how the movie's Times Square set is "kind of realistic but with our own Watchmen overtones," production designer Alex McDowell spends four minutes comparing movie sets to panels from Dave Gibbons' artwork from the series, and earnestly telling you how seriously he's taking his job:

It's really important for us to establish a world that is real to an audience, but absolutely remains faithful to the vision of the graphic novel.


It's a strange video - Very much like a DVD extra that you'd only watch if you were very, very bored and had some time to kill before you put it back in the post to Netflix, but, like the production blog, a nice treat for fans without containing anything for those who don't already know about Watchmen to make them interested in the movie. Wake me up when they get around to making Rorschach's MySpace page.

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