Build Your Own Youthful Terminator Death Squad

Who wants to be a part of the Resistance, when you can build your own line of killer Skynet bots with wearable Terminator gear? It's time to play on the winning team for a change.

Slashfilm has discovered these amazing goodies from Hot Toys Japan. Why did it take so long for a toy company to come up with mangled Terminator bits for the kiddies? I know I would have bought one.


This pretty much solidifies all of the "Terminators, they're people" rumor-mongoring going on about the Internet for Terminator Salvation's storyline.

But more than these toys revealing something about a certain character's robot bits, look at all the places where wearing Terminator parts can help your social life. Hot Toys Japan has people at bars, on dates, out with friends, at school, in the work place, and even at the dentist (I think that's a dentist or doctor). Let's encourage this idea - I want to go to a doctor where my nurse has a robot hand the size of a cannon, or how will I know if she or he is attuned with the other robotics in her place of work?


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