Build Your Own Hometree With Exclusive Avatar Concept Art

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If you really want to join the Na'vi, you're going to have to understand their way of life. Luckily, artist Craig Shoji shared with us some of his Avatar concept art showing what the Na'vi eat and how they live.


We interviewed Shoji as part of our third massive feature on the design of James Cameron's Avatar a while back, and he shared with us some of the insane details he and other designers came up with about the Na'vi way of life — including their eating habits, and the exact type of plant they use to make their banshee-catchers.


Afterwards, Shoji was kind enough to send us some more exclusive art showing the Na'vi traditions in much greater detail. Whether you're a human anthropologist wishing to study the peoples of Pandora, or a member of the Omaticaya tribe eager to learn the way of your own people, these images should be invaluable.

[Thanks Craig!]

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Wow, these are quite awesome. Thanks.