In the movie Silent Running, Bruce Dern plays a nice scientist who just wants to tend his garden — his gigantic garden that takes up a huge spaceship. In fact, he has four giant pods that contain the very last vestiges of Earth's four major types of ecosystem. Of course, Earth itself has been destroyed by pollution and lonely environmentalist Dern is left to care for all that remains of nature with his robot pals. Now lonely environmentalists on Earth can have Dern's robot pals too (see above). The robo-fans at Hack N Mod show you how.


There's Dern with his robo-pals. The intense part of the movie comes at the end, when Earth's governments decide it's a waste of money to keep funding this ridiculous environmental project in space. So they pull the plug on Dern's funding and tell him to blow up the ship. Instead he rebels and shoots himself into deep space with his favorite ecosystem (rainforest, I think) and the robo-buddies. I'm being sort of jocular about it here, but the flick is actually quite gripping and worth a watch.

And don't forget to bring your own personal bots after doing this fun project!

Make Your Own Robots from Silent Running [Hack N Mod]


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