Build the ultimate paper airplane

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Now you can learn to make paper airplanes from a guy who has set world records with his planes. Ken Blackburn has a website with his preferred patterns for folding paper airplanes.

Blackburn is an engineer for the Air Force, holds the world record for longest paper airplane flight, and owns a horse. So naturally, most readers here will regard him with envious hatred. For those wanting a chance to emulate his lifestyle, he has a site where he gives out some of his secrets. (Paperclip weights feature greatly in most of the designs.)

He also has video of his airplane's record-breaking twenty-seven second flight.

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I have to be so bold as to say I have a better plane design than that, however I don't think you can throw it that hard to get it to go that high. It glides very very well, but thrown that hard for altitude it will want to loop, defeating the purpose.

Everybody complaining how this one seems to flutter down, its that compromise between a decent glide and an airframe that will travel straight up at the throw for max altitude.