Buffy's Clare Kramer is a sexy "spree killer" in the latest movie from the director of Brainsmasher and Cyborg!

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Check out the new trailer for Albert Pyun's latest exploitation film, Road to Hell. When a serial killer meets two hot female "spree killers" in a weird greenscreened landscape that's somewhere between Hell and Purgatory, sparks are sure to fly. Sparks, in this case, meaning Range Rover bondage and knifeplay. And kissing. But wait — there's a little kid!

And yes, that is Glory herself, Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Clare Kramer, as one of the two hot "spree killers." Honestly, this might be Pyun's most insane movie — and his guiltiest pleasure — yet. This final glimpse of a sparkle-pony CG sky is what makes it for me:


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