Buffy writer Marti Noxon will reboot Lara Croft for film

Illustration for article titled emBuffy/em writer Marti Noxon will reboot Lara Croft for film

Lara Croft was recently given a dark backstory in a video game reboot. And to be honest, we were pretty nervous about the obligatory movie that would soon follow. But not anymore. Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer Marti Noxon will be penning the script, and this lady knows awesome action.

MGM has hired Noxon (also of Fright Night reboot fame) to pen the tale of Croft's beginnings. We already know that the movie will follow the video game's much darker timeline for Croft, so fingers crossed Noxon finds a way to lace it together while keeping Croft's bad-assery and intellect intact. Only downer: no Angelina Jolie. Ah well.


[via Variety]

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Makes good sense.

Angelina is getting too old (even if in her middle age she is still ridiculously stunning). Same with Rhona Mitra who I always wanted to play Lara.

I hope it is a reasonably unknown actress and whomever is the flavor-of-the-minute.