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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Wants Your Blood

Buffy wielding a cell phone and a stake.
Buffy wielding a cell phone and a stake.
Image: Fox Consumer Products

In celebration of Buffy the Vampire’s 22nd anniversary, Fox is teaming up with the American Red Cross to do what they can to help protect the public by going out and donating blood. Does this sound like the sort of complicated scheme to harvest blood that some of Buffy’s more inventive adversaries might have come up with? Sure, but let’s go with it anyway.


On March 10 (the anniversary of the show’s premiere), the Red Cross is setting up shop near Torrance High School where Buffy’s scenes of Sunnydale High were filmed, as well as locations throughout Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, and New York City (on March 11).

In exchange for blood donations, fans can celebrate Buffy Slay Day by picking up a selection of Buffy swag at certain Red Cross locations, and spending some time reflecting on how more and more genre brands seem to be getting into blood drives as a means of advertising themselves these days.

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No one’s gonna show up because every Buffy fan is a raging homosexual (me included) and can’t donate blood.