Buffy The Vampire Slayer Is Going Back to Middle School Thanks to a New Comic Book

Image: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, Entertainment Weekly

Buffy Summers and the Scooby Gang haven’t been on television in quite some time now, although they live on in a rather intense comic book series from Dark Horse that pushes boundaries the show never would have. But Buffy’s getting another new story that reinvents the character for an all-new series aimed at middle school readers.

Today, Entertainment Weekly announced New School Nightmare, the first in a comic book series written and illustrated by Carolyn Nowak chronicling Buffy’s earliest days when she first became a slayer back... in the seventh grade.


Though Nowak’s take on the character is noticeably different from the traditional Buffy canon, the author emphasized that series is true to the spirit of the original. Buffy’s still going to be kicking vampire ass and making friends with a witch and a werewolf and struggling to keep her slayer status secret from those around her—it’s just that she’s going to be a bit younger while she does it.

You can read the first eight pages of New School Nightmare at Entertainment Weekly’s site now.

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