Buffy Comes Out, As Scifi and Bi

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Now that she's free of network restrictions and budgets, Buffy The Vampire Slayer is showing that she's open to all manner of new things. And, no, I'm not just talking about her new New York Times-friendly bi-curiosity - there's time-travel in her future, as well. Find out just where Joss Whedon and Cloverfield's Drew Goddard are planning to take Sunnydale's former defender after the jump.

While major news outlets are getting excited about Buffy jumping into bed with fellow slayer Satsu (Whedon explained to the NYT that this doesn't mean that Buffy's gone off boys or anything, saying "We're not going to make her gay, nor are we going to take the next 50 issues explaining that she's not. She's young and experimenting, and did I mention open-minded?" Translation: We wondered what we could do to get this comic some coverage in the New York Times, but don't think about it too much, fanboys), we here at io9 are much more excited about Buffy's potential jumping into the future, if artist Jo Chen's leaked cover for a future issue of Dark Horse's "Season 8" comic is anything to go by.

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For the unfamiliar, the woman wrestling with Buffy? That's Melaka Fray, star of Joss Whedon's first comic and 23rd Century Vampire Slayer from a world without magic. After both the Buffy Season 8 series and IDW's Angel: After The Fall series have made references to Whedon's 2001-2003 sci-fi slayer series in the last few months, the character herself is due to make a return (along with Karl Moline, the character's co-creator) in July's Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Eight #16. Does this mean that Buffy will be pulling a Marty McFly? Only four months until we find out...

Jo Chen Leaps Back into the Fray with Buffy Issue 16! [Jo Chen.com]

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Josh Wimmer

@JoshJasper: Yes, yes, I understand political correctness. My tongue-in-cheek point was that the wonderfulness of hot girl-on-girl action transcends such mundane concerns.

@cabridges: And my point there was just that io9 wasn't alone in not handling Buffy's bicuriosity as spoiler territory — although, yes, the Times head was appreciably more vague (though that may have had more to do with the verbosity of their headline style than an effort to conceal anything). I just think whether or not this qualifies is debatable — but either way, it sucks that it was spoiled for you.