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Beginning June 26, io9ers located in and around New York City can view an artifact of retro-futurist history when the only surviving example of Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion car goes on display at the Whitney Museum as part of a show called "Buckminster Fuller: Starting With the Universe." We've already mentioned how the teardrop-shaped three-wheeler resembled an earlier futuristic car.


Fuller originally envisioned a vehicle that was "part aircraft, part automobile, with wings that unfolded," a top speed of 120 mph, and a positively thrifty fuel consumption of 30 miles per gallon. The first Dymaxion car debuted in July 1933, minus the wings or an unfolding tail fin, but with "an awkward periscope" in place of a rearview mirror. Only three were ever made. To cement Dymaxion's futurist status, "H.G. Wells was photographed in front of the car for the cover of Saturday Review. He talked about using it in the film version of his novel The Shape of Things to Come. (The film appeared in 1936, but without the Dymaxion.)" [New York Times]


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