Buck Rogers Movie Will "Play It Straight" And Be Based On The Comic Strip

Resident Evil director Paul W.S. Anderson has just gotten started on his next project, a reboot of Buck Rogers. We asked him where he was at with the script, and what to expect.

Anderson confirmed that they have a storyline, which is currently being fleshed out by Iron Man scribes Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. Based on how much he emphasized the way the script will focus on Buck as a character, I think we should expect an origin story and lots of 25th Century worldbuilding. And, given that Anderson is a giant 3D fanboy, I think 3D is in the cards too.

The team isn't interested in tipping its hat to the 1980s television series, and Anderson said it wouldn't be "campy." In fact, he later said that they were taking their inspiration from the original comic strip, which is the longest-running comic strip in history, running in newspapers from 1929 to 1983. There was also a 1930s Buck Rogers serial.

Interestingly, Buck Rogers was based originally on a short story by Philip Frances Nolan, called "Armageddon 2419." Given that apocalypse tales are all the rage - and make for awesome effects - let's hope Marcum and Holloway are going to dip into that story for some of their source material. Want to read it? You can download it for free via Project Gutenberg.

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So we're looking at something not campy like Death Race.