Buck Rogers In The Disco Century

Buck certainly knows how to strut his stuff and get down with it. We've already seen the phenomenon that is the disco-dancing Buckettes on skates, but what about Buck himself showing folks the intergalactic funky chicken? It's great how the DJ just sort of gets the gist of what Buck is explaining to him through hand signals and finger snaps. Plus that Princess Ardala might be a vampy bitch, but she dives right into the dancing fray, bikini top and crazy headdress in tow.


We're not sure why Wilma wouldn't give things a spin, maybe with Tiger Man who is watching impassively in the background. Guess he wasn't a slave to the rhythm. Twiki isn't above getting out there and trying something new, so why does she have to be such a stick in the mud? This would be her chance to show Ardala up in an cosmic battle of boogie.

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Annalee Newitz

@EBone: Cuz Ardala wanted to OWN him. He was a man's libber, see. Wanted to be an independent guy, not some lady's bitch.