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The Buck Rogers revival officially kicks off in May with the release of the first issue of Dynamite's new Buck comic. But what kind of 25th century should we expect? The hero's new writer explains.


The first issue of the series - Buck Rogers #0 - is actually a 25-cent preview of the series proper, allowing curious readers a cheap way of sampling what the future holds for the revived hero. Series writer Scott Beatty previewed the series, and the preview, to

Buck's not the same old laconic square jawed hero. He wants to see new places. He wants to experience all the universe has to offer. He's full of ideas and keeps a journal so that he doesn't forget anything important. In many ways, he's a stranger in a strange land in his own time, so sling-shooting him into the future isn't quite as bad for him as it would be for someone less inclined to see the potential in finding himself a half-millennium forward in time. Buck assumes that technology has caught up with his own fabulist ideas. That may not necessarily be the case... Earth hasn't exactly "evolved" in 500 years. There have been some technological upgrades, but the planet has been through some harsh times. Buck is an oddity because he's allegedly from the past. He's hard-pressed to prove that idea. But he arrives at a crucial point in time and makes some tough choices others are unwilling to make. And he deals with a problem that he may have inadvertently failed to prevent in the first place. If I say any more I risk spoiling the conceits of the opening arc...


While Beatty promises appearances from many familiar faces in the opening storyline - including Colonel Wilma Deering - he's got some bad news for those expecting the return of Twiki:


Buck Rogers #0 is released in May.

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