Buck Rogers Back With A Bang

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He may be a man in the wrong century, but the new comic incarnation of Buck Rogers is looking pretty timely for publisher Dynamite Entertainment, with the first issue reaching a record number for publisher.


Dynamite have announced that their Buck Rogers revival has had a surprisingly strong launch, with retailers ordering 75,000 copies of #0, a specially priced (25 cents) preview of the regular series. For comparison, the February sales chart shows that the top 10 comics sell between 148,778 copies (the tail-end of the Obama/Spider-Man craze) and 69,698, meaning that Buck's return is likely to be seen by more people than the X-Men, Spider-Man or entire Justice League of America.

To celebrate this, Dynamite's releasing the book earlier than intended; instead of its announced May launch, the book will be made available to retailers on April 22nd, meaning that it'll be around for this year's Free Comic Book Day crowds at the start of May. Here's hoping that the 75,000 readers like what they see.


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This just in: Seth Grahame-Smith is writing Buck Rogers and ZOMBIES.

He will be paid $900,000.