Buck Rogers #0 Makes Fighting Giant Amoebas Look Pretty Fun

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Dynamite's Buck Rogers comic series starts with a whole lot of Buck kicking ass (if giant amoebas had them, which I kind of doubt) and taking names (which, actually, the amoebas also don't have).


The issue starts right in with an unconscious Buck Rogers being held captive by the aforementioned giant alien amoebas, the Ganymedians from (you guessed it) Ganymede. They're planning to absorb (ie, eat) him, but as it turns out, Buck was only playing dead, because it seems that, much like Chuck Norris, he doesn't sleep; he waits.

As it turns out, Commander Deering and a blond woman named Wynona (who may have briefly suggested that she's Buck's daughter, but don't quote me on that) are monitoring the mission, having sent Buck in as what he describes as "our 'Hail Mary' passage." And this blond, blue-eyed, five-o'-clock-shadowed Hail Mary goes in, guns blazing and fists flying. His internal monologue is a little John Wayne, a little John McClane, and a whole lot 21st century guy playing space cowboy four hundred years in his own future. It's exactly what you expect and it somehow fits the whole fighting lime-green blobs situation Buck's gotten himself into.

This situation, however, seems to be the sort that requires a bit of self-sacrifice on Buck's part, and we're left wondering if he's all right or not. Although, because I notice I've compared him to Chuck Norris, John Wayne, John McClane, all in the span of two paragraphs, I'm pretty much betting that he'll be all right.

Then again, the issue does end with: "This is The End . . . But for the Thrilling Beginning, Read Buck Rogers #1!" Good bit of advice. And if you're looking for the sort of alien-punching, cowboy-talking Buck Rogers action that this issue promises in the comics to come, I'd recommend giving it a look.

Written by Scott Beatty, art by Carlos Rafael. Color by Carlos Lopez. Buck Rogers #0 is on sale now.



As much as I'm intrigued by this series, I can't stop thinking about how much Buck reminds me of Havok.