Bubble mansions are popular in the asteroid belt this year

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These are not "McMansions." Their domes are made with 100% organic polymer chains, fabricated by artisanal molecular foundries. And the homes inside are all sustainably manufactured out of locally-mined carbonaceous compounds and minerals. So they're good for the asteroid belt environment, and great for you!


This is a 1980 image by Robert McCall from an OMNI magazine gallery called "Space Witness." You can see more incredible, futuristic images of cities from OMNI over at OMNI Reboot.

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Corpore Metal

Are all these asteroids gravitationally captured? The seem unrealistically close together.

Most asteroids are actually pretty widely spaced. On average a typical asteroid has about 3.334 * 10 ^ 19 cubic kilometers all to itself. Even big ones like Ceres or Lutetia. It works out to about 8 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

Yes, there a "clumps of gravel" asteroids more closely spaced and all gravitationally bound but, Star Wars has badly skewed our perception of asteroid fields. They are more wide distributed than this.