Tonight's the night people - Battlestar is back! And to help you get ready, we've recapped out favorite "What The Frak" moments from Battlestar Galactica past. (The only spoilers are from past episodes.)

Remember, these are just our favorite WTF moments, because if you listed them all out, you'd pretty much be reciting everything Baltar did in season 4 with his crazy cult ladies and all that in and out of the head craziness. Please add your favorite WTFs below.


Top BSG What The Frak Moments:

Many Boomers:
Sooo Many Naked Boomers - "Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 2"
Even through there were many surprising and super intense moments, the whole episode comes to mind. Seeing all the naked Boomers was the first time, I truly doubted my frakking eyes. Because it was amazing and terrifying - followed swiftly by an even louder, "WTF?"

Adama Gets Shot - "Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 2"
Minutes after I convince myself that Boomer is going to be a good soldier, she up and SHOOTS Adama. Oh hells no! Screams of "WTF?" were heard from across the galaxy, as everyone's collective hearts jumped into their throats. Then you had to digest the fact that the cylons could control their little minions with a remote control. Who's next?

Ovary Stealing Cylons:
Simon Is A Creepy Robot - "The Farm"


What really happened to Starbuck when she woke up in the Cylon hospital? Did they steal her ovary? What's going to happen to said ovary, now that it's in their possession? Either way the entire hospital scene was a giant Raider full of WTF, not to mention creepy. Ladies lock up your ovaries.

A Mustached Gentleman:
Adama Grows Facial Hair And Lee Just Gets Fat - "Lay Down Your Burdens: Part 2"
This was more of a happy WTF, because it showed a softer side of the man we all know as Adama. But then he shaves it off to be all symbolic or something, with music. Come on, WTF?

Saul Poisons His Wife:
Just When I Started Liking Her - "Exodus: Part 2"


This was a sad WTF, especially when you find out that it was all for nothing, because Saul Tigh is a Cylon himself. First there's the shock of Tigh's wife being as hot as she was. (And a super fun drunk, I don't care what anyone says. Come on, the world was ending!). Then you start liking Ellen, bit by bit - and they take her away in such a sad and brutal fashion. Sad, but war is hell people.

Box Deana:
Sleeping Around And Breaking The Rules Will Get You Boxed - "Rapture"


I thought that the three-way between both Six and Gaius Baltar and Six, would be my WTF moment until Brother Cavil shows up and boxes her whole line. This is also upsetting because SHE KNOWS WHO THE LAST CYLONS ARE ARRRGGGHHH!

Starbucks Crazy Little Family
I Love You Now Stop Stabbing Me - "Occupation"


Starbuck's super-creepy family with Cylon Leoben was freaky. The whole relationship where he tries to make him love her, then she kills him with the kid is a total mind-warp. His constant creepy pursuit for Starbucks acceptance (be it love, or just friendship) only made me love the terrible t-shirted Leoben even more. Oh yeah, and it's not really her kid - WTF?!

Starbucks' Reason for Marrying Anders:
What's With All The Yelling? - "Unfinished Business"
Poor Apollo, after pouring his little naked heart out by screaming his love for Starbuck into the big New Caprican night, which made me uncomfortable but what the hell? They're in love! She runs off and marries Anders THAT SAME MORNING. WTF? You, my friend, have issues.

All Along The Watch Tower:
The Faces Of The Four Cylons Are Revealed - "Crossroads: Part 2"
So forget the fact that the characters they selected to be four of the final five are themselves a total mind-frak - just the whole singing and meeting up was completely whacked. Why that song? What does it mean that they know music from our world? Why them? Why now? So many questions, not enough answers. Curse you, Ron Moore!

Not Dead Yet:
Not That We All Didn't Call It But She's Back - "Crossroads: Part 2"


When Starbuck came back from the dead, I have to say I wasn't truly surprised. But I was shocked. Her whole storyline is dipping and weaving like Baltar's new religion. But when it actually happened, I was a doing the head-scratching what-the-frak for a long while - which only got worse after they revealed that her ride didn't have a scratch on it (in the following season).

Bye Bye Cally:
Cally's Death In - "The Ties That Bind"


I took great delight in watching Cally go. (Many didn't, but I did.) But whether you're on team Cally or not, watching her go was a really fun WTF kind of moment. First, because if she actually did commit suicide it would have been lame and boring, and second because you got to see Tory flex her Cylon superiority complex. And finally, watching Tory end Cally's life without even flinching ushered in the chills. It was delightful - claps all around.

Lampkin's Cat:
That Is Gross - "Sine Qua Non"


A minor but still gut-socking what the frak moment. Everyone loved Romo Lampkin, so why not follow up with a back story as to why he does what he does? While this episode isn't my favorite (too much Apollo preaching), I did like the fact that Lampkin had been carrying around a dead cat for weeks. A little forced, maybe, but the dead cat was a strange, haunting moment in this psychotic BSG world.

Earth Is Crap:
The Finally Make It To Earth And It Sucks - "Revelations"


The final scene was practically filmed in gray with a sterile white background, that just reeked of cold hospital-type death. But the work-up was also a brutal killer. Everyone's hugging and trumpets are sounding, people are cheering... then silence. Defeatist silence, no words, no talking - just utter desperation and sadness. Holy what the frak! Seriously, how many times did you rewind that final scene to try and figure out if it really was Earth, and if so, where and when was it?