More Battlestar Galactica TV movies seem to be on the dradis. Chicago Tribune columnist Maureen Ryan, who's connected with the BSG producers, has confirmed the rumors from last week that BSG will be making more TV movies. But Ryan's insider sources only have "cautious optimism" about whether the films will happen. Thankfully none of these TV movies will have any effect on the finality of BSG's ending.


Many issues are facing the BSG TV movies. First is the fact that the actors from the series may be busy after filming the finale, and NBC/Universal may not be able to afford them any more. These movies could begin production as early as July this year, but we'll know in the next few weeks if they get greenlit.

What these movies would be about is anyone's guess, but most importantly, sources tell Ryan these extracurricular activities won't change the direction of the series in any way, or make the show's ending any less final. The movies would take place in the show's past, probably during the first few seasons, similar to Razor's filling in of backstory.

Ryan explains that while the TV movie rumors are only chatter at the moment, but there will definitely be a set of webisodes that will play a large role in bridging the gap between the two halves of season four. These episodes could premier as early as July this year, and the second half of season four may debut as late as early 2009.


I'll watch the BSG made for TV movies because every single bit of Galactica I get helps me through the day. Still, I'm wary of anything that will cheapen my original love for the series. Razor was fun and had moments of awesomeness, but all in all was a lot of filler. But as long as they don't tamper with, or withhold, any plot lines from the series finale to service their need for more TV movies, I'll be content. [Chicago Tribune]