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More details have come out about the first (and maybe only) Battlestar Galactica TV movie, which may air as soon as this fall. The good news is, it'll be written by Buffy/Firefly scribe Jane Espenson, who just scored a hit with the BSG episode "The Hub." The bad news is, it'll be directed by BSG star Edward James Olmos, who has a track record of directing some of the worst episodes. (But he also directed a fun Miami Vice episode.) Meanwhile, the movie's cast gives some hints about what it's about.

According to Galactica Sitrep, the TV movie has already offered a contract to Dean Stockwell, who plays the atheist cylon Brother Cavill. Other actors that the studio is approaching include Michael Trucco, Aaron Douglas, Grace Park, Michael Hogan and Katee Sackhoff. What do all of those actors, except Katee Sackhoff, have in common? Well, they're all very good-looking people. Oh yeah, and they play cylons. Could we be getting some juicy cylon backstory? (But how can we do that without Tricia Helfer?) Espenson seems to have an interesting handle on the cylon culture, and the fact that the cylons can share memories and traits among different members of the same model. [Galactica Sitrep]


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