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The return of Battlestar Galactica was even more successful for the SciFi Channel than they'd originally thought, as new figures show that the show gained 32% more viewers when DVR audiences are taken into account.


It's not just the overall viewing figures that took a leap once TiVo and other time-shifted audiences were factored into the debut of the show's final episodes (Although the audience did rise to 2.8 million); the all important audience demographics shifted dramatically, too; adults 18-49 rose by an amazing 38% (25-54 rose by 35%). What may be most interesting about these figures, however, may be that they're below Galactica's 2008 run, which saw audiences rise by 53% on average.

Apparently, more people like to stay in on Friday nights than they used to.

Sci Fi's 'Battlestar' Gets Time-Shifted Boost [Mediaweek]


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