BSG Ending Not What You Expect, Claims Star

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While we may not know exactly what lies ahead for the crew of Battlestar Galactica as the show speeds towards its conclusion next year, but we do now know that the end of one particular character isn't what the writers may have initially intended, or what you may be expecting. Get ready to start your processes of elimination.Talking to Newsarama about the end of BSG, Tahmoh Penikett explained that the final scripts were note-perfect... almost:

Ron Moore did such an incredible thing with this series. The way he ends it – it's brilliant. He got the job done and then some. There is a conclusion to a lot of the storylines we all need closure on. Those of us that are true Battlestar fans and have ridden the rollercoaster through thick and thin... we have been accused many times of being really dark, but listen man, you are going to watch this and be happy... We had the opportunity to go in one direction [with Helo's fate] which I thought was the obvious direction and I fought against it. I talked with a few powers that be and said, "Let's not do that." Everyone agreed and it was great, so I had a little bit of influence on that. I'm happy with the end of my storyline, and it will surprise people.


Time to put on your guessing pants, people: What would be the most obvious ending for Helo? And what would be the opposite ending, which is now the more likely ending, thanks to this double-guessing conclusion? Battlestar to Dollhouse: Tahmoh Penikett Talks Helo, Whedon [Newsarama]

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