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Of course Bryce Dallas Howard can’t talk about the Jurassic World sequel without addressing whether or not her character is going to be wearing high heels. That is literally the only thing that matters at this point.


Speaking to E!, Howard was asked what she could say about the sequel and was pretty tight-lipped, at least until she was asked if she hoped the white shoes made a comeback. Then she talked about her character Claire’s emotional journey, how her clothes had reflected that, and why all of that meant there would be no goddamn heels in the sequel:

No, no. They’re fine. That was part of Jurassic World. They served their purpose. Actually, to answer that question seriously, Claire is a different person now. You now, the person she is at the end of the movie is not the person she was in the beginning. Her armor of sorts was that white, pristine outfit with heels in a very corporate environment and stuff, and the chick at the end… totally different. So yeah… it better not be heels.


This has been your important Jurassic World 2 shoes update.

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