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Bryan Singer's New Series Punishes The Net-Needy, Stupid

Illustration for article titled Bryan Singers New Series Punishes The Net-Needy, Stupid

Superman Returns and X-Men director Bryan Singer is coming back to science fiction, with new project H+ - a web-series based around a future worst-case scenario for everyone who spends a little bit too much time online.According to the Hollywood Reporter, H+, which will be produced by Singer's Bad Hat Harry Productions company for Warner Bros.' Warner Premiere line, started life as a television pitch by writers John Cabrera and Cosimo De Tommaso before being moved into the digital space. The series revolves around the aftermath of a future terrorist attack that has killed off a percentage of humanity — a percentage who chose to plug themselves directly into the internet. (Some would say that that decision right there was always going to lead to problems, and I can't say that I disagree too much). With no director — Singer is expected to act as producer on the project only — or cast decided upon, the earliest date for the series' premiere is expected to be the latter half of 2009. By which point, we should all have connected ourselves directly with the world wide web in expectation of the project. Premiere sets live-action Web series [Hollywood Reporter]


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papercup mixmaster

I'm confused. The attack only kills off those who had plugged themselves into the 'Tubes? Is the story about how nobody else even notices they're dead except the finance department at Blizzard Entertainment as they eventually stop receiving WoW subscription payments?