Bryan Singer's BSG: It's On

Universal have confirmed that Bryan Singer will produce and direct the big-screen reboot of Battlestar Galactica, following up on Wednesday's leak from Singer will producer the movie with Galactica creator Glen Larson. No writer has been attached yet. [Variety]

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Lamar Henderson

This is very curious. It isn't going to be a more-or-less faithful redo of the original series, from what I can tell, which will piss off the original series fans who kept bitching about the remake. It isn't going to be connected to the remake, which will piss off the fans of that. It will be a third take on a story that, honestly, really isn't *that* interesting. I liked the original series when I was a kid, and I enjoyed the remake, but this is really ridiculous.

The idea that an existing property has more of a chance of success than a brand new property has been disproven over and over again. Why not go for something new? Or perhaps adapting a novel such as Peter F. Hamilton's Pandora's Star and Judas Unchained? Now, that would be a movie and/or series I would watch.

There is so much existing material and so much potential for doing new things that I just don't get this need to retread retreads.