Director Bryan Singer's teasing the next X-Men film with an Instagram post of concept art by Grant Major of something that presumably will appear in the actual film. Spoilers in the form of the image and speculation below.



I assume the blurring is exhaust, but it does helpfully blur the face of whatever person is standing on the ramp. Which could very well be a stand-in for Apocalypse, since the ship doesn't quite look like anything we've seen in the films so far — it's unlikely to be the new iteration of the Blackbird, for example. Remember that X-Men: Apocalypse takes place in the 80s, and this doesn't fit that aesthetic either.

So I guess we're coming down on the side of this being a spaceship, which could very well be the ancient AI called Ship. Who does have a history with Apocalypse, and is the currently the most likely candidate for whatever this is.


[via Sci Fi Now]