Bryan Singer has a special word for what the new X-Men movie will be

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Yesterday at Comic-Con, everybody was buzzing about X-Men: Days of Future Past. The whole cast came to the Con for a photo-op, and director Bryan Singer told us how this awesome new adventure could change everything in the previous movies' continuity.


During the press conference about the film, Singer used a term for the movie that we'd never heard before. "It's an in-betweequel!" he quipped. This is partly a reference to where the movie sits in the continuity of the already-existing movies, but also to the timey-wimey of this one's plot.

Singer emphasized that Days of Future Past will be as much a science fiction movie about time travel as it will be an X-Men movie. He acknowledged that he might be changing the continuity we've seen in the previous movies, and that there would be opportunities for the older and younger versions of the X-Men to meet themselves. Plus, of course, Wolverine will project his future mind into his past self. (Hugh Jackman noted that he was especially exited about the "future X-Men costumes," which are apparently awesome.)

Also, the movie won't perfectly mirror the storyline of the comics. Kitty Pryde has a different role in the time travel, for instance. All we can say is that with Peter Dinklage playing the Sentinel-building, mutant-hating mad scientist Bolivar Trask, and Jennifer Lawrence promising that the new Mystique is "all about mutant pride," we can't wait for this whole in-betweequel thing to unfold.

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