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Bryan Singer breaks down everything in the Days of Future Past trailer!

Illustration for article titled Bryan Singer breaks down everything in the emDays of Future Past/em trailer!
Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Both Netflix and Amazon have commissioned science fiction series about eight people who are mysteriously connected, so find out what J. Michael Straczynski and Chris Carter have to say about their respective projects. And we may be seeing a new Addams Family from the writer of The Corpse Bride! Spoilers now!


Ender's Game

It's out today, so here's a bit from a set visit. Set designer Sean Haworth explained what went into creating the look of the alien opponents, the Formics:

What we ended up coming up with was that their whole society is a piece of art.

He goes on to say that the Queen was envisioned as an artist with control over a million different hands. Additionally director Gavin Hood, who was drafted when he was seventeen, said that he really connected with Ender:

In many ways I think I felt a lot of things Ender felt. I’m forced into a place. I’m in this military environment that seems crazy. I’m a long way from home. I wasn’t put on a shuttle and sent to Battle School, but I was put on a train and sent a thousand miles away. Suddenly you’re with all these people and this bonding experience with total strangers, some of whom you bond with.


And below is a video discussing the set visit. [First Showing]

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Now that the trailer is out, everybody's been picking it apart. But Empire has some spoilery analysis, direct from director Bryan Singer. A few highlights include why Wolverine's looking grey in the trailer:

The grey in the hair is something I took from X-Men Days Of Future Past, it’s a look in the comic. I liked it — even though he hasn’t really aged physically it’s something that shows how tough things have gotten in the future, and brought that out in him and given him a little more world-weariness.

Where Storm is in the future:

She’s one of the last surviving X-Men in this post-apocalyptic world. She’s part of that with Wolverine and Charles and Magneto; they’re some of the last folk standing from the original X-Men. They’re at the spearhead of this mission, this last chance at saving the world. This is their only hope, their mission into time. Can you actually go back and affect time? Can you go back and change things or will time correct itself? Will history fight you back and is your destiny pre-determined or can you change it?


What the younger Xavier is looking for in Wolverine's mind:

He’s trying to access something deep in his mind. That’s what the line’s about, "You’re going to need to do for me what I once did for you." In X-Men 1, Logan was a lost, lonely person and Charles helped him find himself. Now the tables are turned and Logan is coming into the world from the future to find a man who’s at the end of his rope in the past.


Singer also confirmed that Shadowcat and Iceman are an "item" in this film and that Wolverine won't have an adamantium skeleton in the "past." Tons more at the link. [Empire]

Singer also told Entertainment Weekly why he returned to direct this film:

I love the franchise. I have very strong feelings about ways to explore it. So a chance to work with the new cast as a director and then to reunite with old friends like Hugh, Patrick, and Ian was a thrill for me.


The same article previews a scene between a recently time-traveled Wolverine and the younger Magneto. On a private plane headed to Paris, this exchange takes place:

Wolverine: So you were always an a—hole.

Magneto: I take it we’re not friends in the future?

[Entertainment Weekly]

Thor: The Dark World

While Chris Hemsworth sees the relationship between Thor and Loki as a sibling "love-hate" thing, Tom Hiddleston said that Loki only exists to contrast to Thor:

I think Loki is defined by Thor. He's defined in opposition to him. They are yin and yang, sort of the sun and the moon. The whole point of them is they are in opposition.


Meanwhile, Christopher Eccleston said that his Malekith doesn't have such a complicated relationship to the heroes:

My character was completely grounded in vengeance. He's like a maniac for revenge. The idea, I think, was to suggest the Dark Elves were as ancient a race as the Asgardians, and had a history, which is why we gave them a language, and had a culture. But most of all, they had a grudge, which they had slept on for millions of years.


More at the link. [Comic Book Resources]

And here's a video interview with Zachary Levi discussing the film, including a clip:

The Addams Family

MGM is reportedly in final negotiations to produced an animated film based on The Addams Family. Pamela Pettler (Corpse Bride, Monster House) will write the screenplay. [Variety]


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Daily Bugle tumblr is at it again. This time with an "editorial" by "J. Jonah Jameson." While this one doesn't appear to be hinting at new villains the way the previous ones have, this article does set the tone for the sequel, explaining what's happened in the six months since the events of the first

An Editorial from Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson

Last night, I walked out of the 6-train at 96th Street, only to be greeted by a freshly painted graffiti tag of a large red spider painted on a wooden construction fence.

Generally, I ignore the “modern art” of the masses. I must be far too uncivilized to appreciate the subtle nuances of the work. But in this case, the meaning was not open to interpretation.

Do the young people of this city really want to turn the mysterious creature known as Spider-Man into some kind of modern-day Robin Hood?

It has been three months since the terrorist attack at Oscorp Tower in Midtown Manhattan. Three months since a man who had changed into a seven-foot tall lizard battled against another man in a red and blue unitard who could crawl up walls. Three months since the city was introduced to a new status quo, one that will adversely affect the entire planet. It has been three months, and we know nothing more about the man called Spider-Man than we did on that terrible night.

This masked, web-slinging vigilante has refused to identify himself. He has given no public statements. He has refused to be interviewed by the police. He has repeatedly refused requests from the media, including from this paper, to provide some assurance to the people of this city that he means us no harm.

Who appointed him as the new sheriff in town? I didn’t. Did you?

What gives him the moral, much less legal, authority to decide who deserves punishment and how that punishment should be doled out?

Heroes do not need to promote their actions, but they also do not hide from the people they help. Until Spider-Man tells us more about himself, he is no hero. I dare him to prove me wrong.


[via Coming Soon]

Hans Zimmer is also on board to score this movie, and it's been announced that he's bringing a lot of musical collaborators on board: Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr, Michael Einziger, and Dave Stewart. Zimmer explained how this happened:

Marc and I were talking about Spider-Man, and as the word got out, so many of our friends and musicians started calling us up, wanting to be a part of it, because they love Spider-Man. That was the thing that united all of us – the great love for Spider-Man. With all of these hugely talented people wanting to join us, it was Marc who said, 'Why not start a band?' Marc and I have had a great start jamming with everybody, and we still have a few surprises up our sleeve.


[Coming Soon]


Even though he was teased in The Avengers, and we've been hearing rumors that Vin Diesel will be playing him in Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige says that the climax of that Thanos storyline is still far away:

It’s also, you look at some classic story lines in the comics and they tease out characters like that — big bads like that — for sometimes years. I think Walter Simonson was teasing Surfer for years before he popped up. It’s fun to have the luxury to build somebody up like that.


[Comic Book Resources]

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

A list of toys Hasbro has planned for the movie may reveal which characters we'll be seeing. The list has:

  • Summary
    Grimlock (Dinobot name)
    Optimus Prime
    Slag (Dinobot name)
    Slash (Dinobot name)
    Snarl (Dinobot name)

    Rally Car

[Transformers Live Action Movie Blog]

Go here for a complete set of photos from the filming in Hong Kong. [Transformer World]

Illustration for article titled Bryan Singer breaks down everything in the emDays of Future Past/em trailer!
Illustration for article titled Bryan Singer breaks down everything in the emDays of Future Past/em trailer!


Netflix's dipping a toe into original science fiction programming with Sens8, about eight people who spontaneously develop the ability to connect with each other telepathically. The Wachowski siblings and J. Michael Straczynski will produce, write, and direct parts of the first season. Straczynski explained how he got involved in the project, saying:

After doing a truckload of amazing films, Andy and Lana began looking for new challenges and thought it could be really cool to try their hands at television. Since I have that background and it was all still new to them, Lana invited me up to San Francisco for several days to toss some ideas back and forth.


Those few days created the idea for Sens8, which Straczinski explained as:

We started out at one point talking about how evolution involves creating ever greater circles of empathy: You belong to your family, then you belong to your tribe, then two tribes link up and now you have empathy for your people on this side of the river, and you’re against the people on the other side of the river … on and on through villages, cities, states and nations. One day we’ll hit the planetary level but we’re not there yet. So what if a more literal form of empathy could be triggered in eight individuals around the planet, in India, the U.S., London, Mumbai, Nairobi and elsewhere, who suddenly became mentally aware of each other, able to communicate as directly as if they were in the same room. How would they react? What would they do? To what degree could they accept each other? What does it mean? And what would the world think about people with this ability? Would they embrace it, or hunt them down as threats to our own evolution? How would they survive? It would give us a perfect platform to do a show that was loaded with action, big ideas, some amazing stunts that no one’s done before, and play to a planetary audience.


Straczinski also explained that, while they will shoot on soundstages in Chicago, they don't plan to fake the international locales of the show. After finishing in Chicago, the plan is for Straczinski, the Wachowskis, and other directors to take the appropriate cast members and film, simultaneously, scenes in seven different countries. More at the link. [Comic Book Resources]

The After

Now that Chris Carter's new series has a complete cast, after starting casting earlier this month, Amazon's officially announced it. Like Sens8, it will follow eight strangers thrown together by "mysterious forces." It will star Sharon Lawrence, Jamie Kennedy, Aldis Hodge, Andrew Howard, Arielle Kebbel, Jaina Lee Ortiz, Adrian Pasdar and Louise Monot. Carter, who will write and direct, is very ready to get back into serialized stories, saying:

I’m very superstitious about talking about what I’m working on before it’s finished, and it’s more fun if it’s kept a mystery! So let me just say that this is a show that explores human frailty, possibility, terror, and the triumph of the human spirit. I’m so excited to be telling this story with Amazon in this new frontier of television.



Doctor Who

In an interview with Broadcast, Steven Moffat said he always had 3D in his mind when creating the 50th Anniversary special and that it's allowed them to create "the best ever entrance into the TARDIS." He also explained the mindset he had going into it:

A big episode is not the one where you say ‘it’s big’. A big episode can be anything that moves the plot along. My main thing was that as much as we celebrate the past, we can change the narrative. You can’t tell a story by being frightened about it.


[Blogtor Who]

American Horror Story: Coven

Ryan Murphy says that we'll be seeing more of the Council and learn more about Hank, and teases the resolution of the last cliffhanger:

So the Council will keep reappearing this season?
They reappear a lot. They appear to protect the coven or to persecute those within the coven who try and hurt the coven. So with Fiona back at the helm and really out for her own interests, they show up a lot.

So what’s the deal with Hank? What can you say about him? I yelped out loud when he killed his mistress.
Well, I think everyone who has been watching thinks Cordelia’s husband is this sort of kind, stoic, Darren-from-Bewitched sort of guy. And in this episode we see, Oh, that’s not who he is at all. Something very dark and twisted is obviously going on with him which we will reveal in the next couple of episodes. Needless to say he’s not what he seems.

Is he an assassin?
Yes, you can say that. But that’s all I wanna say. We really get into who he is and why he’s doing these things. I’m not going to say too much because we reveal it around episode 7.

The big cliffhanger is zombies attacking Miss Robichaux’s. What can you say about next week?
Well, next week is interesting because obviously Marie Laveaux wants them dead so she’s summoned their voodoo zombies. The big thing of that episode is who of the witches are going to die? Fiona is at the hospital with her daughter who was blinded by acid so, without her, who amongst those girls is strong enough to rise up and protect them. So that’s a really big clue I think that helps get the audience closer to the idea of who of these girls is the Supreme. Who’s the one who Fiona should be afraid of?


More at the link. [Entertainment Weekly]

Here's a synopsis of episode six, "The Axeman Cometh":

1919: New Orleans' legendary "Axeman" – not truly a man, but a dread spirit – goes on a killing spree, but promises to spare any house in which a jazz band is in full swing. However, the ladies of Miss Robichaux's Academy plan to defy him.

Today: As an ailing Fiona deals with feeling vulnerable, Zoe, Queenie and Nan, in the wake of Madison's disappearance, make a pact to watch out for one another, as the numbers of young witches have been dwindling throughout the years. To try to find Madison, they use a spirit board that Zoe found in a secret compartment behind a crawlspace in her closet... or did the board find her? Instead, they make contact with the Axeman, whose spirit is trapped within the Academy's walls. Queenie, who knows that spirit boards can not just contact spirits but also release them, immediately breaks off contact, but Zoe insists on contacting him again, without Queenie or Nan's help. The Axeman leads her to Madison... and to more questions than answers. But danger awaits when Zoe reneges on her deal with the Axeman. Meanwhile, Cordelia's new power brings on a heartbreaking revelations. Meanwhile, out in the swamp, Misty Day has a surprise reunion with a troubled Kyle, and with Zoe – who needs her help, though Misty is reluctant. And elsewhere, we learn of an alliance between Marie Laveau and somebody unexpected, whose secrets are darker than previously known.



Agents of SHIELD

Go here for photos from episode six, "FZZT." [Coming Soon and Buddy TV]

Illustration for article titled Bryan Singer breaks down everything in the emDays of Future Past/em trailer!


Here's the synopsis for episode 2.07:

"State v. Queen" - (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-14, V) (HDTV)

MOIRA FIGHTS FOR HER LIFE; THE COUNT RETURNS - Oliver (Stephen Amell) is concerned when a mysterious illness sweeps the city, infecting hundreds of people, including Diggle (David Ramsey). Oliver discovers Vertigo in Diggle's blood and realizes The Count (guest star Seth Gabel) has broken out of prison and is once again distributing his drug. Meanwhile, Moira (Susanna Thompson) goes on trial for her participation in the Undertaking. ADA Adam Donner (guest star Dylan Bruce) collapses in court with Vertigo symptoms so Laurel (Katie Cassidy) must step in and try the case against Moira. Oliver is torn between standing by his family during the trial and catching The Count. However, things change when Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) follows a lead and walks straight into a trap set by The Count. Bethany Rooney directed the episode written by Marc Guggenheim & Drew Z. Greenberg (#207).



And here's a promo for episode 2.05, "League of Assassins."


Here the description for November 13th's episode, "Come Blow Your Horn":

AARON'S DEATHLY EXPERIENCE CATCHES PEOPLE'S ATTENTION - As Miles (Billy Burke) and the gang try to escape the perils of their current situation, Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Gene (Stephen Collins) continue to struggle with their relationship, which affects Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos). Meanwhile, Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) takes a gamble with the Patriots. Also starring David Lyons, Zak Orth and Zeljko Ivanek.


[K Site TV]

Below, watch the promo for episode 2.07, "The Patriot Act":

Lost Girl

Go here for a bunch of cast photos and here for a set of promo photos for episode 4.01, "In Memoriam." [Spoiler TV]

Illustration for article titled Bryan Singer breaks down everything in the emDays of Future Past/em trailer!

And here's a promo for season four:

The Tomorrow People

Here's the preview for episode five, "All Tomorrow's Parties."


Here are two clips from episode three:

The Originals

In episode nine, Jesse C. Boyd will play "Cary." Beyond his name, nothing else is known about this character. [SpoilerTV]


Person of Interest

Episode 3.11 will be called "Lethe" and episode 3.12 will be called "Aletheia." [SpoilerTV]



November 19th's episode will be called "Bad Boys," and here's the official synopsis:

YOUNG DEAN —- Dean (Jensen Ackles) gets a call from an old friend named Sonny (guest star Blake Gibbons) asking for help with a ghost. Sonny runs a home for delinquent boys, and Dean was sent there for stealing food when he was younger. Sam (Jared Padalecki) is stunned he never knew this about his brother and asks for more information, but Dean dodges his questions. Another murder occurs while Sam and Dean are at the house, so they scramble to find the culprit before anyone else dies. Meanwhile, Dean looks up an old girlfriend (guest star Erin Karpluk) and recalls his time at the house. Kevin Parks directed the episode written by Adam Glass (905).


[K Site TV]

Witches of East End

Here's the synopsis for episode six, confusingly titled "Five":

Freya makes a startling discovery at Fair Haven while Ingrid has flashbacks to one of her past lives.


[Spoiler TV]

Additional reporting by Charlie Jane Anders and Emily Stamm


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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D seems almost afraid to bring anything substantial in from the Marvel Universe, while Arrow's diving had-first into the League of Assassins and the Suicide Squad.

It's pretty damn clear to me which comic-book show is winning here.