It's got zombies!

The only other big budget Hollywood backed Kickstarter movie we can get behind would be a Pushing Daisies movie. Because this wildly enchanting series was axed way too soon. But what would the movie be about? Pies? Singing? Secret crushes? NO — zombies, of course.


Den of Geek spoke to creator Bryan Fuller, who spilled the beans on what he would do in his own Pushing Daisies movie:

If we were able to pull off the Kickstarter, there’s a very fun zombie film that starts with a flash-flood in a cemetery and basically is about those denizens of that cemetery having to kill Ned before he can kill them, so it’s a different kind of zombie movie.

But wait! Are these fast or slow zombies? When pressed, Fuller responded: "Fast." Whatever it takes to get these characters back into our lives, even if just for one movie.

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