Latino Review is hinting that Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is up for the role of Lex Luthor in DC/WB's Man of Steel sequel Batman/Superman. Please remember that "up for the role" can mean as much as "they're in final contract negotiations" and as little as "his name is on a wishlist somewhere."

Being considered for a role doesn't even necessarily mean the actor wants the role, or that he's available to do it — just that the studio is interested in him, and studios are interested in lots of people. Besides, LR's last similar scoop was that Ryan Gosling "was up for" Star Wars: Episode VII, which everyone has vehemently denied.


Those massive grains of salt aside, Cranston would be an excellent choice for the role. He has the intensity, the evil, and he looks damn good bald. What more could you want in a Lex Luthor?

[Via MTV Splashpage]