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Bryan Cranston creates the scariest drug of all, in Total Recall

Besides the hot exploding robot action the one thing we're most looking forward to in the Total Recall remake is watching Bryan Cranston go off the rails as the big bad Vilos Cohaagen. So just how bad is Cranston's Cohaagen, what does he want now that this version of Total Recall is set on Earth (not Mars), and what sort of futuristic weapons does he play with? We asked, he explained with the vigor and delightful fury that only comes from Cranston.

Was it a tough decision to get on board with this [a remake]?

Bryan Cranston: I pitched Len Wiseman on how I would play it, and he liked it. So that's how we did it. And I thought what if he [Cohaagen] was thinking, "I've got better ideas! Follow me people and I will take you to utopia! There is no unemployment in my world. Yes, there is a class system. And yes those of us who enjoy the fruits of labor will still do that. And then there are those of us who should be laborers, right?" Hauser, Colin Farrell's character, is just like a rebellious teenage son. I love him. I want to get him in line and punish him a little bit with a little tough love, but he'll come around.


Ronny Cox's character was an Oxygen Baron. What is your character's motivation, besides creating a utopia?

Bryan Cranston: There's this insurgency that's going on in the underground, I like to call them terrorists, because I think we all agree we don't like terrorists. So I like to call them terrorists. They are trying to undermine the greater good. If it was up to them they would blow up the res... we can't have that. They're just... they're like gnats at a picnic. You get tired of killing all like this. And you gotta just root them out, find out where they nest, get rid of them one and for all, and we'll all live happily ever — well, I'll live happily ever after. And I think people want me to live happily ever after.

We've seen seen the hand phone, what sort of gadgets do you get to play with?

Bryan Cranston I have all the gadgets. I play with things that go boom, and rise and separate. I have a serum that I play with. Oh yeah. You've heard of the date rape drug? This is like the motherlode of date rape drugs. This goes beyond that. This rapes your mind. That's what I play with.


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Meredith Woerner

He's basically the King of Comic-Con now. I want to see him fight RDJ for the throne. The winner gets to sit at Sigourney Weaver's table.