Brutal Battle Royale TV show could be coming to the CW

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Now that The Hunger Games is a huge hit on the big screen, it's no surprise that production teams are mining other brutal teen competition properties. We've already seen the CW working on an adaptation of Kiera Cass' The Selection, which has a similar reality TV show theme. But now the network is mulling something even closer to Hunger Games territory: a television series based on Koushun Takami's kids-killing-kids novel Battle Royale.

The LA Times reports that the CW is in talks to acquire the rights to Takami's novel, about a junior high class forced to battle to the death, which was famously adapted as the bloody 2000 film of the same name. The Hunger Games effectively killed the chances of a US Battle Royale film, but a television series would be a different, and potentially very popular, animal.


No deal has been reached regarding the US rights, but what would Battle Royale look like on the CW? It likely couldn't be as violent as the Japanese film, but just how bloody would the CW let it get? Would it stick close to the novel's characters and their various traumas? Or would the premise of Battle Royale be a jumping off point for a less violent confrontation between an entirely separate set of characters? And if they burned off all of the novel's material in a single season, would we be introduced to a new set of competitors each season, Survivor-style?

'Battle Royale' could be reborn as a TV show [LA Times via The Mary Sue]

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After watching Battle Royale, I'm not sure I want a television series. I haven't read the novel, but Battle Royale is palpable only for a short time. Sure we could get into how Battle Royale presents a commentary on collectivist society v. individualistic society, but then it falls back to child killing. I don't enjoy horror for the sake of horror.