Brush Up On Thanos's History Before Infinity War With This Video

Image: Marvel Studios
Image: Marvel Studios

What comic series did Thanos debut in? Was he really based on Darkseid? And what’s his whole deal with Death?


If you’re primarily familiar with Thanos from his outings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you probably don’t know much about Thanos’s storied comics history. Or, really, much about him at all. Up until now, Thanos has been a cipher, lurking in the background, planning a vaguely sinister next move. A move that, come Avengers: Infinity War, is finally prepared to come to fruition.

Which makes now a great time to catch up on all things Thanos with this five-minute history courtesy of Screen Rant. The video delves into Thanos’s creation, his design, and his bizarre villainous history.


It’ll be interesting to see what parts of his story get adapted or referenced in Avengers: Infinity War, which is planned for release on May 4, 2018 and will have Josh Brolin take on the role of the Mad Titan. You can watch the video below.

[Screen Rant]

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Brainlock can NOT FKG reply on kinja

No mention of the THANOS COPTER? FAIL.

and that kid?

Gotta love how they treat the frelling COSMIC CUBE as a literal toy. you know the TESSERACT in the MCU? Yeah, that’s the Cube in the comics. Totally different power source and cosmic tool.

At least Thanos QUEST got a mention. in passing. but not his enmity with Silver Surfer that lead into it.