Bruce Willis Is Back, And Ready To Kick Some Robot Ass

Bruce Willis looks distressed by first person shooter games and futuristic robot murders, in the first official picture from Jonathan Mostow scifi thriller Surrogates.

The new movie, adapted from Robert Vanditti's graphic novel Surrogates is set in a world where humans no longer leave their homes. Instead they send life like surrogate robots out to do their bidding, chores and jobs. Willis plays a FBI agent who must leave his house for the first time, to investigate a murder of a college student who is linked to the robot production company.


This new still shows a tired old Willis, who's robo-wigless and a little worse for wear. What's the problem, Bruce? Did your flawless robo-unit break down? These surrogate bots can be made to look like the ideal version of their human owner, but without their skin, they look a little something like this.

The movie was shot in Boston over the summer and is set to release on September 25, 2009.


[First still via Slashfilm]

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