Bruce Wayne's Backstory, Dateline-Style

Click to viewGotham Cable News brings us the full tabloid report on playboy Bruce Wayne. Taking a note from flashy entertainment news shows, this detailed report on the scion of the Wayne family catches us all the way up to the new penthouse digs of the billionaire. They piece is titled Billionaire Without A Cause: Bruce Wayne and the best part is when they speculate where Bruce vanished to after the death of his parents' murderer — one rumor involves owning and operating a Brazilian modeling agency. This is obviously the latest piece of viral marketing for July's The Dark Knight, but by far the most interesting. [Gotham Cable News]


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@iJake: @aspiringexpatriate:

I'm not talking about the 'content' but the doesn't

look and feel like a tabloid segment, and I'm not asking for Mary Hart

- but I should be reminded of her and all the others when I see this...

using stills and actual footage from Batman Begins is lazy. period.

why try to create an authentic 'tabloid segment' and then not use the tools and techniques of shows that are already on the air?