Bruce Wayne Meets Clark Kent in the Latest Batman v Superman Trailer

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During Jimmy Kimmel Live, Warner Bros. premiered the newest trailer of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (still its real, long, name). In its three minutes, we see Bruce tell Clark how he feels about Superman. And it’s not a good opinion.


We also spend some quality time with Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex, who is just a little too giddy to be entirely sane. Basically, there’s a lot of destruction, and Lex is definitely meddling with things he shouldn’t.

The little moment with Wonder Woman at the end is actually pretty great, though.

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I’ll admit, I thought Man of Steel was a good action mivie but a terrible Superman one, and I’m a huge sceptic, but this does look better than anything so far.

Except - Doomsday? Really? First off, he looks terrible, second, he seems like one plot too many.

I say, it may be better than I expect. But I’m still wary.