Bruce Wayne Is Finally Going to Start Training to Be Batman on Gotham (No, Really)

Image: still via YouTube
Image: still via YouTube
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Gotham, a show ostensibly about Batman, is setting itself on the path to become Gotham, a show actually about Batman.


Two and a half seasons after his parents were murdered, Gotham’s lil’ Bruce is finally taking the steps people have been waiting for him to take ever since, leading into his transformation into the Dark Knight. About time, considering a bunch of his own future rogues gallery is already running around the city causing havoc, and have been for some time.

The revelation comes in a new TV spot for the show’s midseason return later this month, which features a robed Bruce sitting in some sort of monastery, being taught by an unnamed figure—not the show’s answer to Ra’s al Ghul, as Game of Thrones’ Alexander Siddig is taking on that role—to become Gotham’s protector. The show’s even rebranding the back half of the season to show this major change, going from “Mad City” to “Heroes Rise.”


While it’s unlikely we’ll never see the full fruits of Bruce’s labor until basically Gotham ends—because when Batman’s career begins, its purpose ultimately is done with—it’s nice to see that Bruce has finally gotten around to the thing people have been waiting to see him do for years. In the meantime, hopefully the show’s trademark batshit insanity will continue unabated while he’s away training.

Gotham returns April 24.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

I am going to set aside my own Gotham specific mantra if “Sure, Gotham, why the fuck not?” To aks a question.

I thought that one of the baseline themes of Batman was that the villains mostly only exist as a specific reaction to Batman himself. The Joker in specific, but all of them in general. This allows them to ask bigger questions about the nature of crime, punishment, and police activity and how escalating a bad situation is bad for everybody. So doesn’t Gotham throw this all out the window? (Yes, I am aware that Gotham throws everything out the window, see the mantra above).