Every now and then, an article comes along in The Onion that we wish were actually true — like this one, about Bruce Springsteen recording a whole album about workers on Mars called Red Dust.

It sounds sort of like the Mountain Goats' Moon Colony Bloodbath, with a large dose of midwestern post-industrial angst. Here's the great money quote from the Onion's sadly fictional article:

"These are songs about growing up on a tough planet," said Springsteen, telling reporters that when the idea of humans and aliens working side by side in an extraterrestrial labor colony first occurred to him, he immediately knew he "had to tell their story." "The Martians aren't trying to run away from their lives or make excuses. They're proud of what they do and where they're from, even if the high-impact ion-compression carbonate mining industry isn't what it used to be."


Is it wrong to wish I could listen to this album now? [The Onion]