Bruce Campbell calls Bruce Campbell a liar regarding Army of Darkness 2

Oh, for @#$%'s sake. Bruce Campbell has told everyone that despite the recent rumors about a long-awaited sequel to Army of Darkness, you shouldn't believe them. What makes this a bit obnoxious is that the person who started this most recent batch of rumors was Bruce Campbell.


Despite recently confirming that Army of Darkness 2 was indeed happening and that he would star in it at the at Wizard World Comic Con in Nashville — a mere two and a half weeks ago — Campbell told people at the Comikaze in Los Angeles this past weekend that you shouldn't have believed him. As he explained at the show:

So... if Bruce Campbell is a liar, couldn't he just as easily have been last this past weekend instead of three weekends ago? What about Evil Dead remake director Fede Alvarwz's recent comments that Sam Raimi would be directing Army of Darkness 2 specifically? Is Bruce Campbell trying to keep fans from getting their hopes up after seeing the flurry of exultation after he said AoD 2 was happening? Or is he an asshole taking us on emotional roller coaster ride for his own twisted ends?

All I know is this: He's the guy with the gun.

[Via The Dissolve]


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