Bruce Boxleitner Unitards Up For Tron Reunion

Tron 2.0 (formerly TR2N) is the next movie to get digitze-yourself excited about. Rumor has it Bruce Boxleitner, who played Alan Bradley (or Tron) is back for the sequel.

According to Coming Soon, Boxleitner is back and ready for some serious action. We now know that Tron 2.0 is the next chapter after Tron and supposedly takes place after some time (which would explain why everyone is older). Also recently reported to join the cast is Olivia Wilde, who will play a worker who helps fight MCP (Master Control Program) and Beau Garrett is a "siren." I cannot wait, plus I'm over the moon that the cast is returning to make this film, beards and all.


In other good news TR2N is now being titled Tron 2.0 all across imdb, which means the TRZ name scare is probably behind us.

But how do you think the character Tron has aged over the years? And what do you make of this speculation that Bridges will be evil? (Possibly based on the beard alone.)

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