Brothers Free Bald Eagle From Trap, Take Selfie To Commemorate The Moment

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Ann, Michael and Neil Fletcher were hunting in Sudbury Canada when they came across something other than prey: a Bald Eagle, caught in a trap. They freed the bird, but not before taking a picture with it.


According to the Sudbury Star, the bird had been caught in a claw trap used for fur trapping. Rather than let it sit there, they covered the bird and freed it.

“We had just got into an open cut and my brother was, like, ‘Oh, I just saw something,’ “ said Michael. “So we backed the truck up. He said, ‘I think it was an eagle, but it’s gone.’ “

The two explored the area on foot and found a set of quad tracks. “We thought maybe someone had shot something the day before and left a gut pile (that would attract a scavenger like an eagle),” he said. “Then we saw some movement, walked in a bit, and the bald eagle was stuck there in a trap.”

Fletcher said the huge bird with the signature white head had just one of its talons caught in a type of claw trap used by fur harvesters. “It was attached to a stake and the eagle was trying to fly up, but it only had a foot of slack in the chain,” Michael said.


Fletcher posted up a video of the rescue to his Facebook page. They noted that after they pulled the bird free, it was remarkably calm, and uninjured.

[The Sudbury Star]

Image credit: Michael Fleming

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