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Bronn Gives Shae Unfortunate Advice In A Game Of Thrones Deleted Scene

Shae goes through a pretty drastic change of heart in the middle of Game of Thrones season four, and we only glimpse the reasons for it. But here's a deleted scene from the second episode of the season, where Bronn gives Shae some advice that doesn't work out that well for her... or for Tyrion. Some spoilers below...


This scene gives some great insight into Bronn's character — he knows that sellswords have an expiration date, and "you never see an old sellsword." He can't just keep fighting against younger men, he has to learn some new tricks. And he encourages Shae to do the same thing, since sex workers similarly have an expiration date. And that advice may contribute to the decisions Shae makes later in the season, which could be her version of "learning some new tricks."

Here's a second deleted scene, from episode eight, which mostly just shows Daenerys growing more paranoid:

These deleted scenes come from the season 4 blu-ray, which comes out next week. [via Watchers on the Wall]


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I never quite understood why the show made Tyrion lie to Shae and make it seem like he was just using her. I mean, I guess I do (it was the only way to actually get her to leave and get to safety), but he just seemed so unnecessarily harsh and cruel about it. This deleted scene only makes it worse: wouldn't Bronn have known this was just an act on Tyrion's part? His advice makes it seem like HE thinks Tyrion isn't performing a charade at all and that he never actually loved Shae. It seems odd to me, though maybe that's why it was cut.

Of course, at least the show gave Shae some reasonable motivation to later betray Tyrion. The books completely leave that out, other than some vague insinuations that Cersei promised something or other to her. Was it because Tyrion and Shae's 'relationship' was a bit more business-like and one-sided in the books? I'm having a hard time remembering.